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Jeff M. Smith
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Articles by Jeff M. Smith

Title Publication Date
Trump Should Read India's Playbook for Taunting China Foreign Policy December 20, 2016
China's Drone Grab and the Dangers of 'Strategic Ambiguity' The Diplomat December 20, 2016
Waking the Beast: India's Defense Reforms Under Modi The Diplomat December 16, 2016
Why Duterte's Deals With China May Be Security Concerns The Diplomat November 2, 2016
Assessing US-India Defense Relations: The Technological Handshake The Diplomat October 6, 2016
Assessing US-India Relations: The Strategic Handshake The Diplomat September 16, 2016
The Region Seeks Balance The Defense Dossier September 1, 2016
Setting the Record Straight on US-India South China Sea Patrols The Diplomat June 8, 2016
Don't Be Scared to Squeeze Pakistan The National Interest June 8, 2016
China's Investments in Sri Lanka Foreign Affairs May 23, 2016
China's Long Global March Journal of International Security Affairs January 15, 2016
An Innocent Mistake Foreign Affairs December 3, 2015
Deck is stacked against the U.S. in Afghanistan USA Today October 12, 2015
What Does China Really Think About the South China Sea (And America's Role)? The National Interest September 27, 2015
RIP: America's "Engagement" Strategy towards China? The National Interest September 23, 2015
Let's Be Real: The South China Sea IS a U.S.-China Issue The Diplomat June 23, 2015
Beware China's Grand Strategy Foreign Affairs May 20, 2015
Adrenaline Shot: Modi Rejuvinates U.S.-Indian Relations The National Interest February 16, 2015
America's Dalai Lama Dilemma Wall Street Journal Asia February 12, 2015
New Delhi's New Groove Journal of International Security Affairs November 1, 2014
Crossing the Line At Odd Times: China-India Border Disputes Foreign Policy October 16, 2014
China and America Clash on the High Seas: The EEZ Challenge The National Interest May 22, 2014
Why the U.S.-India Relationship Is Far from "Oversold" Foreign Policy April 14, 2014
Andaman and Nicobar Islands: India's Strategic Outpost The Diplomat March 18, 2014
India and China: The End of Cold Peace? The National Interest February 10, 2014
U.S. Must Draw Red Line for China in the Western Pacific U.S. News and World Report January 15, 2014
Meet the Tiny Himalayan Town at the Center of Global Politics Foreign Policy January 8, 2014
On Sino-Indian Border, Status Quo Unacceptable The Diplomat November 6, 2013
China draws a line in the ocean Washington Times June 13, 2013
Frontier Tension: Is China Provoking India at Disputed Border? Defense News May 5, 2013
China and Pakistan's Nuclear Collusion Wall Street Journal Asia April 2, 2013
Wanted: A Post-Military Pakistan US News and World Report October 23, 2012
A Forgotten War in the Himalayas Yale Global September 14, 2012
India Key to U.S. Afghan Success The Diplomat June 2, 2012
Iran: A Test for U.S.-India Relations CNN March 22, 2012
Afghanistan seems fixed on a return to chaos U.S. News and World Report March 16, 2012
Risky Business (Book Review of "Inside Al-Qaeda and the Taliban: Beyond bin Laden and 9/11") Journal of International Security Affairs November 10, 2011
Book Review of: "The Pakistan Cauldron: Conspiracy, Assasination and Instability" The Washington Times November 8, 2011
U.S. Takes Gloves Off With Pakistan The Diplomat September 25, 2011
Ex-detainees revert to terrorism Washington Post- Free For All September 17, 2011
Friends Like These: The U.S.-Pakistan Strategic Partnership World Politics Review May 3, 2011
Sino-Indian Relations: A Troubled History, An Uncertain Future Harvard International Review Spring 2011 Vol. XXXIII No. 1
Why Pakistan will betray us The Washington Times April 25, 2011
Central Asia's Energy Bazaar Wall Street Journal Asia January 27, 2011
The U.S. is walking the walk The Hindu November 17, 2010
All at the Yellow Sea Pragati: The Indian National Interest Review October 18, 2010
How To Fix U.S.-India Ties The Diplomat August 20, 2010
Playing With Fire In Pakistan inFocus Quarterly Journal July 30, 2010
Mountain to climb -- China's complex relationship with India Jane's Intelligence Review May 7, 2010
Manas closure could threaten U.S.' Afghan Strategy Defense News April 25, 2010
The Great Game, Round Three Journal of International Security Affairs November 18, 2009
The China-India Border Brawl Wall Street Journal Asia June 24, 2009
Time To Get Tough With Pakistan Far Eastern Economic Review May 11, 2009
India as a U.S. hedge against China Asia Times Online August 6, 2008
Pakistan Teeters Pittsburgh Post Gazette July 8, 2007

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